Oct 8, 2008

Trust the Indian Media

Finally the lid is blown of the deep-rooted conspiracy engineered by Nira Radia of Vaishanavei Communications, on Aveek Sarkar, of Ananda Bazar Patrika.

Two weeks ago, Jehangir Pochha, editor Business World told Aveek that he wanted to resign and join Radia’s Vaishnavei.

The corporate world had been watching the editorial demise of Business World as Pochha made the magazine into a propaganda arm of two of Radia’s biggest clients, the Tatas & Reliance Industries.
The joke in the BW staff was that every week Pochha would go to Radia’s farm in south Delhi at night, get drunk, get the story for the issue and give it to the correspondent the next morning.
In the process, he has bought a flat for himself in Gurgaon and a benami flat in Mumbai 2 weeks ago.
According to a BW insider, to make matters worse, a BW Mumbai correspondent PS has filed a complaint of sexual harassment against Pochha; a Delhi marketing executive also brought the same facts to the management’s notice that Pochha was repeatedly harassing her by asking her out on dates. Another woman correspondent, Puja Mehra also left BW on differences with Pochha as have a host of other male reporters.
Pochha’s friendship has been well publicized with Radia by Pochha himself to all and sundry, much to the discomfiture to all his colleagues. He has also been claiming that more permanent plans are on the anvil. On the other hand now that Nira Radia has established her own professional relationship with Sarkar family, they & she, both are quite happy to see Pochha disappear if he wishes to.

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